Constitution Village to undergo renovations in time for 2019 Bicentennial celebrations

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - EarlyWorks museum complex and Constitution Village have unveiled major renovation plans for the village.  This project is meant to go hand in hand with Alabama's Bicentennial celebrations that will take place in 2019. This will be the biggest renovation Constitution Village has undergone since its beginning. They are calling it the Legacy Project.

The Alabama state constitution was signed at Constitution Village in Huntsville, and for that reason the Bicentennial celebrations in 2019 will have a significant presence here.

"It will both begin and end here, because this is the epicenter, this is where it started, and but for the events that occurred in Huntsville, Alabama would not be a state," said Julian Butler, Bicentennial Committee Chairman.

EarlyWorks Executive Director Bart Williams said the project will include four phases of renovations.

"What it's really gonna mean is that we're gonna be ready for the Bicentennial celebration which is gonna happen primarily here in Huntsville in 2019, 200 years of statehood," he said.

The first three phases will consist of interior and exterior restorations.

"Phase one, two, and three will absolutely be finished before 2019. The phase four, which is the Legacy Hall, that one will depend on how much money is raised," said Williams.

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle said this project is a great way to look toward the future, but also honor the past.

"This is a great community project, it brings community together. You saw today you had about 100 people in there working so that we could celebrate the idea that we were a state for 200 years," he said.

Constitution Village stands on the site where Alabama's first constitution was written and signed by the delegates. Williams is confident the first three phases will be complete by the time Bicentennial celebrations start. Phase one is set to begin in January of 2017.