Researchers find antibiotic, allergy link

Deadly Drug-Resistant Staph Infections On The Rise In U.S

Infection in the first year of life can be deadly for your baby and antibiotics are often the first reaction. But, a new study from Utrecht University in the Netherlands finds that antibiotic exposure early in life could raise a child’s risk of developing allergies later in life.

Doctors studied more than 400,000 children and found babies who were given antibiotics before age three had a 41% increase in the risk of developing eczema, which is caused by an allergic response to substances such as tree and ragweed pollen, dust mites, cats and dogs. The research also found children and babies given antibiotics before age three were 56% more likely to develop hay fever.

Researchers say, this may be because antibiotics can change your immune system — especially when it comes to the micro organisms in your gut.

The researchers are urging doctors to be extra cautious when prescribing antibiotics to young children.