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Veterans attending ITT Tech under G.I. Bill uncertain about their next step

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.-- After the shutdown of ITT Tech schools many students are looking for answers.

Tim Ladner is a veteran who was attending ITT Tech through the G.I bill.

"With the 9/11 G.I bill, there is no refinancing. When it's used it's used, it's gone. So if this never resolves and I can't transfer my credits somewhere else, that portion that I earned, is gone," said Ladner.

Ladner said that with the G.I bill you get 36 months worth of benefits to use, paid out by the VA.

"I've used up, this will be 13 months, because they've paid this month already, and then the school closed, so that's month's gone, even though I didn't get to use it, it's gone," he said.

If he can't transfer those credits, those 13 months would have been used for nothing. He now only has 23 months left to figure something out.

"My next step, I mean the first thing I gotta do, I gotta take care of my kids, that's my number one, and that's what I was doing this for, it was you know a step up in the future to take care of my children as well," said Ladner.

Ladner said he's speaking out for other veterans who will be as affected by this as he is.

"I'm not an individual case for this, there's 35,000 veterans across the United States that use the ITT system, so you know if I can speak up for them, because it's gonna happen everywhere."

Ladner said he's been in communication with the VA to see how they can help.

Ladner said that so far, the VA has told him to reach out to the Department of Education, and they in turn told him to reach out to the VA, so he's stuck in this cycle. He is still waiting for answers.