Apple planning to “clean up” App Store; what it means for you

iPhone with Apps from MGN Online

Apple has plans for some house cleaning.

Starting Wednesday, September 7, on the same day when it is widely expected to launch the latest version of the iPhone, the company will begin a review of its App Store content. It’ll be looking to purge apps that are out-of-date.

That’s good news for consumers tired of wading through apps that may or may not work all that well, in search of useful options. According to CBS News, developers will be given 30 days to release an updated version of an app before it’s removed completely from the store.

So, what happens if you have a downloaded app that’s impacted by the clean sweep? Apple says current users will “experience no interruption” to services and will still be able to make in-app purchases.

Apple is also looking to crack down on apps with names containing deceptive words in the titles. You may have noticed this annoying problem when searching for say “Instagram” and seeing other app options with everything from “Instagram” to“photo-sharing” in the title.