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From Hurricane Hermine to Post Tropical Cyclone


Hermine Stats

On Saturday the National Hurricane Center designated Hermine a post-tropical cyclone, but it’s still near hurricane intensity.

When a system is designated as a post tropical cyclone, it doesn’t always mean it weakened. Post tropical just means that it lost tropical characteristics, such as organized deep convection. The convection associated with Hermine is no longer organized, but  is skewed to the north and northeast of its center as you can see in the satellite image above.

Hermine TrackHermine is still a strong cyclone and tropical storm warnings remain in effect from the coast of Maryland to Connecticut. The New England Coast could face impacts including coastal flooding, high surf, and rip currents.
Hermine is expected to stay offshore as it slowly meanders northeastward over the next several days. We’ll continue to keep an eye on the storm throughout the week.