Tennessee Police and animal rescue group remove 10 animals and 5 adults from deplorable living conditions

GILES COUNTY, Tenn. -- A heart-wrenching rescue of disabled adults and animals from deplorable conditions in a Tennessee home took place Wednesday. The Giles County Sheriff's department and the Animal Rescue Corps  worked together this week to remove over 10 animals and five disabled adults from a rural home .

Once at the home, they found five disabled adults, a bird, a cat, and eight dogs suffering in horrible, unsanitary conditions. Four of the adults were removed from the property and taken to a nearby hospital. One of the adults, a female in her 40's, has since died.

The sheriff's office then called in the Animal Rescue Corps for assistance in getting the animals out and transported to an emergency shelter. Officials said the animals had visible signs of longtime neglect, such as emaciation, internal and external parasites, and untreated injuries. They were without access to food and clean water, and were said to be living in their own feces.

The rescue teams were able to safely remove all of the animals. They are now receiving proper medical care from area veterinarians.

Authorities have not yet released any more information on the four adults living in the home. No charges have been filed yet, and the case is currently under investigation.