Cool clouds and a warm, dry Labor Day Weekend

Did you notice some cool, fishbone-looking clouds in the sky Friday evening?  These are called cirrus fibratus (some may call them cirrus vertebratus).  

Clouds like that are often a sign of fair weather, and that’s what we get in the short-term!

Nice in the morning, warm and dry in the afternoon

Nice in the morning, warm and dry in the afternoon

The weather hasn’t been this nice on a weekend in quite a while! We need rain; the drought is no joke, but having dry, quiet weather for a holiday weekend is not a bad deal. Saturday and Sunday look nice: highs in the 80s and 90s, morning lows in the 60s to near 70ºF, and no real threat of rain.

Tropical Storm Hermine moves from North Carolina and stalls just off the East Coast this weekend sending a lot of gusty winds and rain to the coastline from Virginia north to New England through Monday.

Check out the way the GFS forecast model tries to keep it close enough to the shoreline for strong winds and rough surf for several days:

Hermine on the East Coast means it just stays hot and dry here. In fact, we see more mid-90s in our future for next week with very little chance of scattered showers and storms.

See the rest of the forecast on or swipe over to the Daily Forecast section on Live Alert 19!

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