Search resumes on Tennessee River for missing swimmer

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Rescuers have returned to Ditto Landing in Huntsville for the second day to search for a missing swimmer. The man was night fishing with some friends Wednesday morning when they decided to go swimming. A 31-year-old man never resurfaced; three other friends were rescued.

Emergency crews fear the missing swimmer has drowned at this point.

Rescue squad members from Morgan and Madison Counties are on the water right now with cadaver dogs. They will remain on the water during the cooler hours this morning. Once the heat of the day sets in, the dogs will take a break and rescuers will switch to a visual search.

First responders say they want to see change in how people see the river's waters.

"Our river is very dangerous, it has a lot of debris in it, it has a lot of currents and undercurrents that are unsafe, and people are not aware just how dangerous it is to be out here," explained Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin.