Only two bad ratings this week in all of seven counties!

WHNT NEWS 19 — Not having enough bad ratings to report is not a bad problem at all. Only two restaurants in seven reporting counties had reviews under a score of 84 this week. And those two restaurants make up this week’s restaurant ratings.

Stop number one is Canebrake Club in Athens. You can dine at their grill in a country club-like atmosphere, but even the finest of atmospheres can get the thumbs down from health inspectors…

Canebrake Club  

23015 Founders Circle, Athens

Score of: 81

  • Damaged spatula and food processor.
  • Tuna salad 61, turkey, ham 56F.
  • Cheese 59F.
  • Improper cup in improper location.


Stop number two is Flobama Music Hall and Restaurant in Florence. They may have some rockin’ tunes, but their kitchen needs to turn up (or turn down) the heat…

FloBama Music Hall and Restaurant 

311 North Court Street, Florence

Score of: 82

  • Mold on several bar gun nozzles
  • Dirty can opener blade– 10 day notice
  • Pork butts/shoulders being held at 117-128 F–10 day notice and rules reviewed
  • Drink on prep table with food and utensils– abated by discarding


Golden Spoon


4116 Jackson Highway, Sheffield

Score of: 99