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Adrian Renteria, convicted in deadly July 2013 Guntersville crash, is back in the Marshall Co. Jail

Adrian Renteria

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. — A Marshall County man who was convicted in a crash that killed four teens and left others injured is back in jail only weeks after his release on bond while waiting for sentencing.

Adrian Renteria’s sentencing hearing is set for late October. In June he was found guilty of criminally negligent homicide and assault third, totaling seven counts.

His conviction stems from a July 2013 two-vehicle crash on U.S. Highway 431 in Guntersville that left four teens dead and others seriously injured. Renteria’s conviction is lesser charges.

Now he’s back in the Marshall County Jail, only weeks after he was released on bond.

“He’s there right now for failing to appear in district court on some traffic tickets, and then we’ve also filed a bond revocation on another case where he’s out awaiting sentencing,” Assistant District Attorney Adam Culbert says.

The Marshall County District Attorney’s Office says Renteria was issued the traffic tickets while out on bond. Prosecutors say they plan to bring up his recent behavior at a bond hearing that’s set for Friday morning.

“We’re going to ask that he be held in the County until his sentencing hearing takes place,” Culbert says.

Prosecutors say they might present arguments including Renteria’s behavior since his release at the sentencing hearing in October.

During the hearing Friday prosecutors say they are also going to bring up a failed a drug test since Renteria’s release.