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James Clemens DE LaBryan Ray is the top prospect in Alabama

MADISON, Ala. - There is a lot of high school football talent in north Alabama, but all of the players take a back seat to James Clemens defensive end LaBryan Ray.

Ray standing at 6' 4" and 260 pounds is a stud on the field, but believe it or not, his dad had to force him to play football.

"Especially in little league, when I first started off, I didn't like it," Ray told WHNT.  "He kinda forced me, and going into the middle school years I started to see the talent I was capable of.  I'm kinda glad he made me do it."

His dad is, too. Ray's recruitment has blown up in this past year, and now going into his senior season, he is the top prospect in the state of Alabama with over 30 division one scholarship offers - something the four star recruit never expected when he first started playing.

"I'm still in shock to be honest. I'm just blessed for them to name me the best player in the state. I just try to work hard, and you know, try to at least try and prove it."

LaBryan Ray is focused on this season with the Jets, but soon he has to decided where he will play at the next level. The four-star recruit has narrowed the list of potential colleges to six, but he still has some official visits to take before making his final choice.

"It's something that had to take time, that I have to think about, the best thing for me and my family," Ray said.  "I just tried to pick six schools that worked you know hopefully, hopefully soon I'll be able to make a decision."