Big Spring Park Construction will move some holiday events to Big Spring Park East

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - There's lots going on in downtown Huntsville, from events to music to construction.

That work, is changing things up a bit- like where signature events will be held.

"Seeing cranes, construction and cones, means progress!" said Downtown Huntsville, Inc. CEO Chad Emerson.

With progress comes change, some for the better, "In almost every part of downtown there is new development or redevelopment going," said Emerson. "When the private side invests in their buildings and projects to see the city also investing in the public spaces like Washington Street and Big Spring Park."

Some of that change is short term, like the future of big events typically held in Big Spring Park. This year, Emerson says all of tinsel trail will be moved over to the renovated side of Big Spring Park East.

"They also made accommodations for the ice rink," said Emerson. "All of these updates and improvements to the park, won't interrupt these signature events."

In fact, when the updates are complete- they'll make many of the events even better. "I think you'll see the largest ever Tinsel Trail. It will be expanded on both sides, and the city is being very deliberate about providing the infrastructure for the power," said Emerson.

So a little orange cone or two is kind of like a sign of better things.

The renovations in Big Spring Park is set to be complete in April of 2017.