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Nothing “fishy” about this sweet app to keep your toddler entertained

(Image Credit: Antti Lehtinen/iTunes)

(Image Credit: Antti Lehtinen/iTunes)

Looking for a simple app to keep your toddler entertained?

You might check out “Toddler Games and Fish Puzzles for Kids: Age One, Two & Three.”

This free-to-download collection of underwater-themed puzzle activities is available in the Apple App Store from developer Antti Lehtinen.

The app offers a “simple” option where even the youngest children can get started; matching colorful marine animals to their correct puzzle slots. Difficulty levels build as you play and you can also pay $1.99 to unlock additional features like more challenging puzzle collections, or boards that move.

For each completed puzzle, children earn an aquarium fish as a reward, with 46 different fish or animals in all.

Again, the app is free but does contain in-app purchases.

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