Microburst responsible for 76 mph wind damage in Morgan County Sunday

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The National Weather Service in Huntsville has confirmed that a thunderstorm produced a microburst that downed several trees and damaged buildings on Sunday.

A microburst is a column of strong, downward-moving air that is associated with a thunderstorm’s downdraft and is descending at a rapid rate.

How a microburst works - NOAA

How a microburst works – NOAA

Microbursts are downdrafts — also known as downbursts — that are less than 2.5 miles in diameter. Per the National Weather Service, microbursts can produce damaging winds as high as 168 mph.

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Below is the complete damage survey from the NWS.


NOUS44 KHUN 291954 CCA

Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Huntsville AL
204 PM CDT MON AUG 29 2016

…NWS Damage Survey for 8/28/2016 Morgan County Microburst Event…
…Correction issued for minor error in date…

.Overview… A group of thunderstorms interacting with a surface
boundary caused microburst winds leading to tree damage and
minor property damage in East Central Morgan County near
the Fowler Cove area. At approx 1820 CDT, a cell split with
the southern cell following a boundary traveling toward the southwest
with the northern cell pushing west along a separate boundary. On
the evening of 8/28, Morgan County EMA notified NWS Huntsville of
the wind damage with witnesses reporting a possible tornado. While
neither cell exhibited any significant rotation, the northern cell
was responsible for the wind damage, with a peak core of approx 60
dBZ to nearly 20Kft.

Peak wind estimate: 76 MPH
Path length /Statute/: 0.60 Miles
Path width /Maximum/: 0.97 Miles
Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 0

Start date: 8/28/2016
Start time: 1820 CDT
End location: 2 N Florette

End date: 8/28/2016
End time: 1825 CDT
End location: 2 N Florette

Survey Summary:
Official NWS and Morgan County EMA storm survey concluded that
microburst winds led to the damage reported in the East Central
Morgan County, near the Fowler Cove area. The swath of damage
extended approx 1 mile in width and about 0.6 mile in
length, mainly along and adjacent to Cotaco Florette Rd and
Fowler Cove Road. The survey team focused on two main areas:
the northern extent of the swath (on Dotson Rd) and the southern
extent (further south on Cotaco Florette Rd). Along the southern extent,
significant tree damage was observed with several hickory trees
either snapped or uprooted with numerous large branches down. Debris
was oriented W to WSW. Winds peaked at the southern portion of the
damage swath, with an estimate at 76 MPH.

Further north, the survey team observed a couple Bradford Pear
trees uprooted with numerous small and large branches downed,
all oriented toward the W. Winds on the northern end of the
swath were estimated at 55 MPH.

The information in this statement is preliminary and subject to
change pending final review of the events and publication in NWS
Storm Data.


NWS Survey Team: Barron/Nash