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Secretary of State: Legislature must change ballot deadline for lottery to make November vote

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Will the lottery vote make it on the November 8 ballot? That’s the million dollar question of the day.

John Merrill, Alabama Secretary of State

John Merrill, Alabama Secretary of State

Secretary of State John Merrill oversees Alabama’s elections.  He issued a statement Friday morning:

“The responsibility of the Secretary of State is to follow the law and implement the law.

The deadline for a constitutional amendment to appear on the November 8 ballot has passed. I will only accept the constitutional amendment if the deadline is changed.

Only the legislature can change the deadline and they can only change the deadline if they are meeting.

The certification of the ballot for November 8, 2016 is today at 5:30 PM.

They are currently meeting and can meet for four more days after today. The legislative leadership and many members know this and it is up to them if they want to change the deadline.”

The House passed the lottery bill late Thursday night.  The Senate passed its version earlier in the week.  The two versions will be reconciled and go to the Governor for his signature.