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Rezoning at Research Park will bring in commercial opportunities

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  Cummings Research Park could soon look different from the business oriented park you're used to seeing. On Thursday, Huntsville City Council approved a rezoning proposal for 12.46 acres of Cummings Research Park.

"This rezoning request would support the redevelopment of that area and spur activity, and vibrancy, and greater used to support the redevelopment of Cummings research park," said Cummings Research Park Director Erin Koshut.

Koshut said this rezoning will allow for more commercial opportunities in the park.

"It takes it from being zoned only for office use, research and education use which is what is indicated under the Research Park zoning and allows those commercial uses to take place on that particular parcel," she said.

Besides supporting redevelopment of the area, this is also a response to what Research Park employees want.

"Our park employees and the companies out there have expressed an interest in having access to a greater amount of services, a number of restaurants they would like, perhaps other services," said Koshut.

Koshut said she believes it will truly make a difference to that signature entrance to the park. This rezoning proposal is in conjunction with the new master plan for Research Park that was unveiled in May.