Liberal, moderate or conservative? Facebook giving political labels to users


Facebook is now labeling users based on what it thinks are their political leanings.

Yes, you read that right, the social network has you positioned on the spectrum of American politics – whether you like it or not.

How, exactly, is the company doing this? Well, it’s watching everything you do on the network (surveying all your posts, likes and shares) and making a determination about your political feelings.

You can be labeled everything from “very conservative” to “very liberal” or something in between.

According to CBS News, here’s how you can check to see what Facebook has labeled you:

  • Go to, making sure you’re already logged on.
  • Under the “Interests” section, click on “Lifestyle and Culture.”
  • Look for the box titled “U.S. Politics” – it will describe how Facebook characterizes you, from “very liberal” to “liberal” to “moderate” to “conservative” to “very conservative.” If you don’t see the “U.S. Politics” box, click “See more.”

You can adjust those preferences as you see fit.

Facebook’s goal in collecting this information is to better target its advertisements – including political  ones. Your political labels are reportedly not available to other users.