What’s the secret to growing lavender and rosemary in your garden?

For those who like to grow their own herbs, we have a secret to share on growing perennial lavender and rosemary.

People like to grow lavender because of its fragrance and flower.  It blooms in the spring and throughout the summer, with unique blooms and beautiful foliage.  There are several different kinds of lavender, like English lavender and Sweet Romance.  There's also Spanish lavender that has blue blooms that stand straight up from the plant.  Rosemary is also fragrant and has a light blue flower.

Both of these herbs will sometimes die abruptly in rainier seasons because they cannot tolerate poor drainage.  Since most of our soil is clay which is harder to drain than the naturally draining volcanic soil from the Mediterranean - lavender and rosemary's native land.  So what's the secret?  Amend your soil with permatill when you plant these herbs, and you'll have great drainage to help these plants thrive.

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