Madison City Clerk says it was “business as usual” despite results being posted late

MADISON, Ala. - It was a big voter turnout in Madison on Election Day, but while the polls closed at 7 p.m. it was nearly 9:30 p.m. before the results were posted.

"It takes a certain amount of time to get all of that done," said Melanie Willard, Madison City Clerk.

They print the tape and shut down the machines. "They print out their totals and they can go ahead and post those," said Willard.

Meaning that's not required to do right away, or at least that's what they showed us last night at city hall. These tickets for the city hall precinct were time stamped at around 7:10, but weren't posted for the public for more than an hour.

And the final totals, "Those were posted probably 9:15ish."

The reason behind the delay? "It just depends on how quickly that poll official can close out and get here with that number and how quickly I can get them in a spreadsheet and how quickly I can double check them," said Willard. "Normally people waiting at the precinct for results will have the ballot counts before I do." She says they encourage the poll workers to take their time to ensure accuracy, so that everything ends up in the right place. "They put the voted ballots in a box and all of the other materials that go into that box that get sealed. And the only way I can open them is if I have a court order to open them."

They said they do not have any regulations on communicating to the public on election result delays.