Lake City Amusement Park faces more legal action, court documents allege the company owes nearly $100,000

Lake City Amusement Park several weeks after it closed

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. — Amid swirls of allegations of unpaid employees and money owed to season pass holders, the closed-down Lake City Amusement Park is facing yet another lawsuit for nearly $100,000.

A Decatur-based company is taking legal action against Lake City Amusement Park, saying it is owed a large amount of money.

Court documents show Goss Electric, Inc., is alleging Lake City Amusement Park still owes money for labor and work done by the company. The documents read Goss Electric says it supplied certain equipment and materials for the construction of the park.

The papers go on to allege Lake City Amusement Park paid one bill but hasn’t paid the rest of what it owes.

Goss Electric says the company owes at least $96,996.18.

Lake City Amusement Park closed at the end of June after opening in April of this year. Since then, there are allegations of unpaid employees and of money owed to season pass holders.

The company faces another civil lawsuit from a Decatur-based rental company. Court documents allege the company is owed unpaid rent and costs associated with rental construction equipment used at the park.  Documents show Lake City Amusement Park owes more than $20,000.

We reached out to the owners about that lawsuit and the claims that employees haven’t been paid. The owner did not return our calls. We asked about employee pay when the park closed. The owner told us at that point all of the employees that are paid by Lake City Amusement Park had been paid in full. The owner said there were payroll records to back that up. However, we have spoken with multiple employees who say they are still owed hundreds of dollars, and attempts to reach the owner have been fruitless.

The owners of the park say they were forced to close after they lost their financial backing. The park boasted more than 35 rides and attractions.