Summer’s sizzle: no long-term heat or drought relief in sight

The only heat relief Thursday comes from isolated storms

The only heat relief Thursday comes from isolated storms

The only chance of any heat relief anytime soon?  A few isolated showers and storms may dot the landscape over the next few days, but “hot” – not “stormy” – is the word that best describes what to expect through Thursday and Friday.

Temperatures begin in the mid-70s at the bus stop, and there’s no need to worry about rain for the drive to work or school.  Spotty showers/storms are possible in the afternoon and early evening, but most communities miss out on the rain.

Daytime highs surge into the middle and upper 90s again, and the heat index could be as high as 100ºF to 105ºF between noon and 6 PM.

Need more specifics about the short-term and seven-day forecast?  Click over to or swipe to the “Daily Forecast” on Live Alert 19!

The hot weather continues: Huntsville’s “official” high was 97ºF on Tuesday.  That’s the thirty-fifth time this year the temperature has been 95ºF or hotter.  Think that’s hot?  You’re right.  Huntsville usually only has about 12 days of that kind of heat in a summer, so yes, this summer has been awfully hot.

Through August 23rd, Huntsville’s average high of 93ºF (June 1 to August 23) ranks as the twelfth-hottest summer season on record.  Given where we expect to be through next week, we may jump a few spots on that list before September gets started!

The only feature that casts a shadow of doubt on a solid 10 to 14 days of excessively hot weather is the tropical wave in the Atlantic that could become Tropical Storm Hermine by the weekend.

GEFS temperature guidance gives us an almost-certain stretch of hot days through the middle of next week.  After that, the solutions range from much-above to much-below normal:

Wednesday's GEFS temperature "anomaly" and all of the uncertainty involved

Wednesday’s GEFS temperature “anomaly” and all of the uncertainty involved

Look at it this way. If Hermine forms but doesn’t bring rain to us, chances are it gets hotter than blue blazes – potentially even record-hot – through Labor Day Weekend.

I know we made a stand about two weeks ago saying the worst of summer may be behind us, but with a worsening drought and a lot of hot air left to go, there’s at least one more round of really hot stuff ahead.

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