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Decatur Mayor Don Kyle, Tab Bowling prepare for runoff election

DECATUR, Ala. - With round one of this year's municipal elections in the past, Decatur Mayor Don Kyle and challenger Tab Bowling look ahead to the runoff.

Mayor Kyle finished with 24% of the vote, while challenger Bowling took 48%.

"I want to thank the voters," said Bowling on election night. "They clearly want change. They understand that Decatur is not growing; we’re having some issues with retention. We have a plan to correct that."

The mayor says he's concerned about the turnout.

"We were right at 8,600 voters," said Mayor Kyle. "We've got over 30,000 eligible voters and I feel the more people that turn out, the more fair representation you get of what the people want."

The election eliminated Jeremy Goforth, Reggie Jackson, and Butch Matthews.

"With 5 mayoral candidates, it's been more about personalities and rhetoric," said the mayor. "It's time to help educate the public and let them find out what my opponent really does know about city government and what he may not know; get down to real issues not general statements, conclusions and promises."

About three quarters of the vote went to Bowling and the other three challengers running against Mayor Kyle. Bowling says to him, it's a sign that voters want a new direction.

"Seventy-five percent of Decatur voters said they want change and the polls are saying we have right at 50% of the vote," said Bowling. "I thank all the candidates that ran in this race, they all worked very hard, it takes a lot of courage to run."

The runoff election is October 4.