Madison County Commission approves contract with Southern Health Partners regarding inmate health care

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - The Madison County Commission approved an agreement with Southern Health Partners Wednesday regarding inmate health care in the county jail. It was just a few slight changes, but those resulted in more than $160,000 in savings.

After an expired contract and a presentation from the Madison County sheriff, the county commission approved changes in medical services for the county jail.

"There was a change in that contract, which changed a little bit of the level of service, the staffing levels, increased the staffing levels," said Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong.

Strong said the commission feels very comfortable in the contract that was done.

"But this change right here actually led to a better medical staff, and something that was good for both sides of the table," he said.

Strong said he believes they already have a great health care facility in the jail.

"We've got doctors, nurses, LPN's, nurse practitioners, and to be honest with you, many of the people in jail are getting better healthcare than the people that are working every day," he said.

Strong said at this point, he doesn't think there's a need for medical attention in the jail. He said inmates are getting the appropriate care.

"I believe that we meet the federal guidelines. What's there, I don't want to do too much, I want to do what we're statutorily obligated to do,"he said.

The need for an increase in staffing levels also resulted in a change in the base salary for the Madison County jail workers.