Madison County Commission agrees to Medicare plan for retired county employees

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. -  Retirement can be costly. That's one reason the Madison County Commission came up with a new plan for retired employees. It involves a new agreement with United Healthcare. This new plan could end up benefiting  you too.

Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong said that being a large organization, they look at every situation they can to meet their obligation to health insurance.

"We have a plan here that's better for our retirees, that have already left Madison County, these carve outs, what we've seen we think it'll actually benefit the employee, but also benefit the county commission," he said.

Strong said sometimes there can be overlap once the employees have retired, and this plan will change that for the better.

"When someone is eligible for Medicare, our insurance becomes secondary. What we've got right now is some of ours is still primary and by changing this it is a savings because being a secondary insurance," he said.

The savings Strong is talking about is $400,000 that will then go back into the general fund.

"There's a $400,000 savings there that we have implemented that we are working through and there's a lot of exciting things that will be coming in this budget."

Strong added that the commission is happy with this agreement because it is beneficial for both the taxpayer and the retiree.

This plan is geared toward a segment of retired employees who are currently still covered under the local government insurance plan.