Hot temperatures expected on the gridiron this Friday

The second week of high school football kicks off this Friday, and while many of us are excited for cooler temperatures, Mother Nature will bring another dose of sizzling heat.

7 DAY PM 2016 INT Single

Daytime high temperatures are expected to reach the mid-90s Friday afternoon, and they will be slow to fall back into the upper 80s by kickoff. However, it will be very humid as well, and when you combine the heat and the humidity, it will actually feel like the upper 90s to low-100s — very oppressive for players and fans alike.

It is very important to prep for the hot conditions by drinking plenty of water, and avoid consuming caffeinated beverages like soda or sweet tea, since these drinks will dehydrate your body.


Also keep in mind that many football stadiums are consist of concrete as well as aluminum, which will absorb the daytime heat and slowly re-radiate it out to marching bandsĀ and spectators sitting on the bleachers or hanging out in the grandstands. These materials will make the air in the stands hotter and more oppressive, so be sure to bring a fan and other items to help cool yourself off while cheering for your school’s team.

Football players and cheerleaders will experience a very hot field, with grassy surfaces mimicking the air temperatures in the early evening. Pre-game hydration will be essential for this week’s game.

WHNT Football Friday Aug 26 2016

As the evening progresses, temperatures will slowly fall into the low-to-mid 80s under partly cloudy skies. A light wind means that passing games will not be affected by weather conditions this week.

Good luck to your team this week, and have a fun — as well as safe — Football Friday!