Agents seize synthetic marijuana from woman they call a ‘major’ supplier in Florence

FLORENCE, Ala. - Following the path as to how synthetic marijuana is hitting the streets of Florence, drug task force agents said they have found the likely supplier.

Packs of potpourri, designed to attract young buyers, lined a desk of Florence Police Department’s roll call room Wednesday afternoon.

Agents with the Lauderdale County Drug Task Force seized them earlier this week from a home on East Lee Avenue.

It’s not actually potpourri in the pouches, it's synthetic marijuana - 4,000 grams worth of the substance that's illegal in the state of Alabama.

“It’s caused people to engage in all sorts of wild behaviors, dangerous to themselves, dangerous to other people and they expose themselves to all kinds of dangers when they are on this,” Florence Police Chief Ron Tyler explained.

Tyler said patrol officers had been finding more and more of it on cases they were coming across and alerted task force members.

“Those guys really focused their efforts on identifying the source, who had it, and begin building a case against them,” stated Tyler.

Denise Arment Roy

Denise Arment Roy

Agents followed the trail back to Denise Arment Roy. She has been charged with trafficking of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

082416 LD Drug Bust 2While executing the search warrant, agents also found thousands of dollars' worth of counterfeit purses it appears she had been selling. Those charges are pending.

Denise Roy was the target of a federal search warrant in 2013 and was ultimately indicted for conspiracy to distribute marijuana and was currently on probation.

During this week’s bust, agents seized a handgun, four vehicles and money.