Paul Finley claims victory in race for Madison mayor after opponents concede

MADISON, Ala. - The people have spoken. Former Mayor Paul Finley will start his second non-consecutive term as mayor of Madison in November.

With 100% of the precincts reporting, Finley won 62% of the vote with 6,267 votes.

Troy Trulock conceded the race for Madison mayor and congratulated candidate Paul Finley earlier Tuesday evening. He won 30% of the vote with 2,996 votes. The third candidate in the race, Hanu Karlapalem, conceded later that night. He won 8% of the vote with 782 votes.

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We have crews at all three camps to bring you the latest on this race.

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Hanu Karlapalem said he's surprised by the loss, rather than disappointed.

"I'm kind of surprised. I don't know why. I'm surprised," he said. "Because this is not the kind of response I've been getting from the people of Madison for the past several months or weeks."

Karlapalem took nearly 40 minutes after Troy Trulock conceded, to end his campaign. He said it took him so long because he's an optimist. He added, his love for Madison has not died, and neither has his belief in himself.

"I still feel I would be an excellent mayor for the City of Madison.

Karlapalem thanked his family, his supporters, and then congratulated Trulock and Finley.