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Trinity votes to legalize alcohol sales by a margin of 49 votes

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TRINITY, Ala. – On its second try in two years, Trinity has legalized the sale of alcohol after municipal elections Tuesday.

The vote passed by a margin of 296 “yes” to 247 “no.”

In fact, with all candidates running unopposed, it was the only thing on the ballot.

In 2014, it was voted down by only 38 votes. Mayor Vaughn Goodwin said he respected opinions on both sides of the situation equally, but said it boiled down to control.

“[Alcohol] is going to be out there, whether we go wet or not,” said the mayor. “It’s just a matter of whether folks give us the chance to control it or it’s controlled by Decatur.”

Town leaders said the Trinity they know would not change much; they were not seeking bars or nightclubs. But Mayor Goodwin says it will put Trinity on a more even playing ground when discussing development with interested restaurants and grocery stores.

“We have had conversations with possible owners of a grocery store. The question that came back to me was ‘Why would I locate in Trinity when I can locate right across the road in Decatur and sell alcohol?’ There’s nothing I can say about that,” said the mayor.

Bringing in those businesses would bring in revenue, and Mayor Goodwin explained. The town council already has plans to set that money aside for capital projects.