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One Madison voter says she “had a lot of options” when it came to who she’d choose for mayor

MADISON, Ala. - While there was decent turnout at the polls in Madison, the lines, "Nothing. Nothing? I was able to go right in and vote," said citizen Hope Holcomb.

Holcomb says these are the elections she really cares about, and wishes more people felt the same way. "I think maybe they feel like they don't count towards something smaller -- may not be as big of a deal to them. But it all starts here.”

In Madison, the ticket for mayor was a loaded one -- with a current and past mayor on the ballot. "I had a lot of options and had to look everything up to determine which I thought would be the right candidate," said Deena Harris another voter.

But for some, it made the decision easy. "I base it on what they stand for. What they've done in the past and what they're working on now and what they look for in the future."

Paul Finley, Hanu Karlapalem and Troy Trulock are running for Mayor of Madison.