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Muscle Shoals capital murder suspects appear in court for the first time

TUSCUMBIA, Ala. - Two capital murder suspects were in court Tuesday morning in Colbert County. Erica Fox and Ronnie Credille are charged in the shooting death of Fox’s husband Jason more than one week ago.

During their first court appearance, you could feel a chill in the air between Erica Fox and Ronnie Credille as they sat just feet apart.

082316 CO Fox Murder Suspects CredilleJust before 9-am, authorities escorted Ronnie Credille into the Colbert County Courthouse with heavy security.

Moments later, Erica Fox was driven up next to the courthouse and quickly ushered into a side entrance.

Sitting in District Judge Chad Coker’s courtroom, Credille wouldn’t take his eyes off of Fox. At times it was quite disturbing how he stared at her.

Both were called separately to the front and asked if they understood their charges of capital murder.

During their appearances, both requested court appointed attorneys and sat down.

082316 CO Fox Murder Suspects Fox

In criminal complaints filed on Monday, Fox stated to Muscle Shoals Police she had been having an ongoing affair with Credille.

Later in the statement she told investigators Credille had made threats to kill her husband Jason so they could be together.

Also of note in the complaint, Fox stated it was likely that a family member of Ronnie Credille was used in her husband’s murder as a “getaway driver.” Police confirm that statement and say their investigation is ongoing.

Erica Fox is being held outside of Colbert County. Both are behind bars without bond.