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Greg Screws on his journey back to health: “Crawl, walk, run”

My journey back to a healthy state is going to be slow. It’s a crawl, walk, run process. And I’m lucky. Since the station is using my journey as a story to tell and increase social media engagement, I have many experts at my fingertips.

Obviously, not everyone has great bosses like mine who put a path in place that allows me to tap into nutritionists and personal trainers. I get that. The tradeoff is … I’m eager to tell my story if it helps someone else.

My physical trainer is Tyrone Harris. He’s a ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. He works out of the Huntsville Hospital Medical Mall at Governors and the Parkway. By the time I met Tyrone, I had made some progress. My Body Mass Index had gone down from 36% to 20%. My weight was down from 312-ish to 296.

I still feel very weak and my stamina is not good. But Tyrone has me on alternating days' regiment of weights, and treadmill work. On the weight day, I’m including work on Bosu ball. That strengthens the calf muscle where my big blood clot was. Also, I’m including core exercises with the weight training.

The treadmill work I don’t mind so much. I put in the earbuds and listen to Jason Isbell or Drive-By Truckers. The treadmills today are sort of like “giant exercisers with televisions.” Yesterday, I watched the Little League World Series while the minutes went by.

The visit with the nutritionist went great, but also was an eye-opener.

Linda Steakley is a registered nutritionist and a certified in nutrition counseling. Linda has been a friend for years and one of the sweetest dearest people on the planet. Linda works out of the Huntsville Hospital Wellness Center.

Linda is helping me with the nutrition recipe for success. She wants more non-starchy vegetables in my diet. That would be things like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. I need to focus on portion size. She is also helping me with, and this is a big deal, how to plan ahead where I don’t get caught really hungry and make a bad decision. Protein shakes will help with that.

I did have some tests on August 22. The blood clot in my leg that caused all the trouble is much smaller now. The other news was that a test showed another clot that had been there, maybe, for a long time.

I’m not worried … some really smart people are helping me out. Dr. Naveen Lobo’s office, Dr. Jason Smith’s people … all of those people are helping me out. They are doing it with a huge assist from the Huntsville Hospital Wellness Center.




One day at a time.

But with the help of new friends and old, I will get back to where I need to be.