Shields Road construction begins today, will take up to 8 weeks

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - There have been some concerns about construction of the Shields Road Bridge. Director of City Engineering Kathy Martin said it actually has nothing to do with the bridge itself, but instead, they'll be working on the approaches leading up to the bridge.

"You'll see there's a dip in the pavement, it's been restored and patched for many years, so what this project will do is actually remove those approaches right there, and backfill it with gravel, and improve the ride-ability as you approach the bridge from both directions," she said.

Martin said they wanted to start this summer so it wouldn't be going on when school started, but there were some delays.

"Hopefully be able to start in about two weeks, and it will take about eight weeks to complete both approaches," she said.

Martin said with the new school year right around the corner they're anticipating a volume of traffic in the area. They've tried to make it easier on drivers.

"We have asked the public to use Jordan Road as the detour route, the logical detour route, to avoid this section of Shields Road," she said.

Martin said one of the delays was due to waiting on construction of Highway 72 to finish up, but hopefully it the wait was worth it.

"And now that they have finished 72 east, there's triple left turns at Moores Mill road, so hoping that that will alleviate any congestions that we have created by closing Shields Road," she said.

Martin adds that she wants to warn drivers to just be cautious of the detour route.