How to boost battery life for “Pokemon Go” playing

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Pokemon Go is taking over the world; turning us all into zombies intent on catching digital critters wherever we can.

Just one thing can stop us: a dead battery.

It’s a scenario you may have encountered already. You’re in the middle of chasing down a Squirturtle or Pikachu, when all of the sudden you find your device’s battery drained.

We probably shouldn’t be surprised. A recent test from security software company AVG Technologies, as reported by CBS News, found continuous “Pokemon Go” play “can completely drain a fully charged iPhone 6S Plus battery in two hours and 10 minutes. A Samsung Galaxy S6 lasts a half-hour longer, dying after two hours and 40 minutes.”

Don’t let those numbers get you down though. There are some ways of improving your battery life to keep your playing time up. Here are a couple of power plays you might consider:

  1. Activate the battery saver mode in the settings section of “Pokemon Go”
  2. Turn off music or sound effects
  3. Dim the screen to about 75% of brightness
  4. Turn off any background apps you don’t need

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