EPIC Comedy Hour celebrates 5th anniversary

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.-- Laughter is a staple at the Epic Comedy Hour Show. They've been performing side-splitting jokes for the last five years.

Epic Comedy Hour host, Scott Eason said they try to get the word out about the show, so people in the community can come enjoy it.

"A lot of people say in Huntsville, oh there's nothing to do, well actually that's not true, there's a lot of things to do in Huntsville," he said.

Eason's referring to the large comedy scene people might not know exists in Huntsville. The show always takes place at Lowe Mill's Flying Monkey theater.

"And I think the Lowe Mill is kind of the center of a cultural uprising in Huntsville, and I'm glad that Epic's a part of that," he said.

Eason said the comedy community here in Huntsville has come a long ways since they first started the show.

"Five years later we have multiple open mics, multiple booked shows with comedians traveling from all over the country, including headliners, and now just in a couple of months we have our first comedy club opening here in Huntsville, the Launch pad," he said.

Epic Comedy Hour always enjoys a supportive crowd, typically selling out their shows. Epic Comedy Hour hosts shows every fourth Friday of the month. The show consists of many different comedians doing ten to fifteen minute sets, with variousĀ topics.