Educators come together for STEM Summit, hope to encourage children’s love of science

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The 2016 Ignite Education Innovators Summit is taking place now through Saturday at the US Space and Rocket Center. The Summit is meant to teach educators how to incorporate science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or "STEM learning" in their curriculum.

Maggie Williams is a fourth grade teacher from Georgia who attended the Summit because her school is trying to get STEM certified. She thinks it will open new doors for students.

"We are focusing on science, technology, engineering, and math um a lot more, we already do an after school program for science club, and, where we do STEM projects," she said.

Williams and other teachers in attendance think STEM learning can really play a part in students future saying, "There's so many job opportunities out there, and we were talking about it the other night, jobs that haven't even been created yet, those are the jobs that they're gonna have."

Destination Imagination trustee Karen Anderson says STEM programs give students skills that are critical in the 21st century workforce.

"They want people to work in a team, who can be entrepreneurial, who have, are able to think on their feet and be creative," she said.

Anderson said these summits are important because they give educators opportunities to learn how to help their students take on creativity.

The summit is co-presented by Share Fair Nation and Destination Imagination Inc.