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VOTE TODAY: See who’s on the ballot and check your polling site

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Municipal elections are today in many cities and towns across Alabama.  Polls are open until 7 p.m.

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If you're not sure where you vote, check your polling site ahead of time.

Some people, including around 3,000 in Huntsville and more than 8,000 in Madison, may have different polling places for national/state/county elections vs. municipal elections. That's the case for people who usually vote in county precincts, but need to switch to a city precinct in city elections.

"We want everybody to get out and vote. We want them to go to the right polling place, but we don't want them to be frustrated because they've gone to the wrong poll site," explained Melanie Williard, Clerk-Treasurer in Madison.

Ken Benion, Huntsville's Clerk Treasurer, says they've already sent notices to people who are affected.

We've compiled a list of people who qualified to run in the elections in Huntsville and Madison. These names were provided by each city's clerk treasurer's office.


Mayor: Tommy Battle, Jackie Reed, Ken Boyd
School Board District 5: Carlos Mathews, Pamela Hill
City Council District 5: Will Culver, John Meredith,  Jacob Kristopher Anders, Thad Clarke
City Council District 1: Devyn S. Keith, Michelda Johnson, Richard Showers, Sr., Robert Hewlett Jr., Peter Proctor
School Board District 1: Mary L. “Jackie” Sawyer, Laurie Bone McCaulley, Michelle Watkins


Mayor: Paul Finley, Hanu Karlapalem, Troy Trulock
Council District No. 1: Buck Clemons, James Ross, Maura Wroblewski
Council District No. 2: Steve Smith; Devinti M. Williams, Esq.
Council District No. 3: Destin DJ Klein, Teddy Powell
Council District No. 4: Len Bullington, Brad Johnson, Greg Shaw
Council District No. 5: Tommy Overcash, Daniel Shanahan
Council District No. 6: Gerald Clark, Karen Denzine, Kathryn (Kat) Norman
Council District No. 7: John Seifert, Lena Sledge, Tommy Whitten

(Image: MGN Online)

(Image: MGN Online)


Make an informed choice -- read our FAQ with each of these candidates.