NICU babies born in 2014, families reunited during play date at Matrix Gym

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A gathering on Saturday morning reconnected some of the smallest and bravest fighters, perhaps you could even call it a class reunion.

One of the brave babies is Jack Grier who embarked on quite a journey in September 2014.

“He weighed 1 lb. 7 oz.,” Jack’s Mother Mary Grier said.

But, Jack didn’t fight alone.

“We spent 16 weeks in the NICU,” Grier said.

Actually, Grier said no in their family walked this road alone. Because families of babies in the NICI said they rely on each other to move forward.

“The friends and the bonds that we made with other families in the NICU are ones that I know will last forever,” Grier said.

Which is a blessing when you’re faced with one devastating circumstance after another.

“When Jack was born, I honestly did not know whether he would live or die, I was terrified,” Grier explained. “I lost his identical twin brother at 21 weeks, so when he was born at 24 weeks, I was so fearful that I would lose him too.”

The Grier and the Evans families formed a bond in the NICU. Before Mary held Jack, Andy and Jamie Evans welcomed Jake.

“It was so rushed,” Evans recalled. “I came in and I immediately was told, you know, ‘we’ve got to take him now.’ So they did, and I didn’t get to see him. They just scooped him up and took him off in a little incubator.”

While no two stories are ever the same, all of these families who spent Saturday at the NICU reunion can relate.

“You get to share all of those emotions, the ups, the downs, the celebrations when something good happens,” Evans said. And, when something not good happens, you have them there to help get you through it.”

“The staff, and the doctors, I mean they just do an incredible job,and I’m so glad that we have the NICU here,” Grier added.

Huntsville Hospital hosts the NICU reunion like this each year. They invite the former patients born two years prior and their families.