Rogersville VFD, PD helped in Tennessee toddler search

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ROGERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The weeklong search for two-year-old Noah Chamberlin ended tragically, and multiple groups are feeling the impact.

Individual volunteers and first responders helped pick through the woods where he was eventually found. Among those searching were four first responders from Rogersville Fire and Police Departments.

"As a father myself, and a couple other of my department members that went with us that are parents, you know, it's someone else's kid out there," said Deputy Fire Chief Morris Barnes.

"I have two little sisters," said firefighter Jesse Dison. "I can't imagine what the parents are going through. It touched me deep."

Barnes, Dison, as well as two others, Macy Hughes and Tim Williams, hit the road less than an hour after Tennessee authorities reached out for help.

"Anytime, as first responders and emergency workers, we deal with any call dealing with kids, especially a two year old, it weighs heavy on us," said Deputy Chief Barnes.

The Rogersville squad checked in and went straight to searching, making up part of large daytime and after-dark searches.

The team had just wrapped up their search and were less than 15 miles away from Pinson, on the way back to Alabama when they got the news that a still-searching team had found the toddler's body.

"A big relief came over me that the family would have closure," said Dison. "It didn't matter to me who found him, as long as he was found, for the family's sake."

"This mission that took seven days was accomplished," said Barnes. "We don't do this to glorify us, we do it to help other individuals."

"I can't imagine losing a family member that small," said Dison. "Only getting to spend two years with him"