Tsar’s Cabinet at Huntsville Museum of Art guides people through decadent history of the Russian Tsars

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The Tsar's Cabinet comes well stocked.

Huntsville Museum of Art Director of Curatorial Affairs Peter Baldaia tells us the exhibit contains "over 200 years of incredible Russian imperial porcelain, glassware, silverware, and metalware."

Sure, you can gawk at the gaudy and garish, but also, Baldaia notes, "There's a lot of history covered in over 200 pieces on display here at the museum."

With the change in tsars, you also see a change in style.

You can see Russia and its tsars slowly building their power and, in turn, showing their decadence.

Each evolution comes with a corresponding story.

"For instance," Baldaia says, "The discovery of antiquities in Pompeii in the early 19th century, really influenced the style of the urns and the dishes."

This isn't just what the tsars kept in their cabinets. It was a way for them to say something to the world.

Baldaia explains,"This exhibition of the decorative arts is beautiful in and of itself, but it also speaks to the projection of power."

Now, it can speak to you first hand. The exhibit runs through January 3.