Redevelopment project continues to make strides in Sheffield

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SHEFFIELD, Ala. (WHNT) - The redevelopment of downtown Sheffield continues to pick up steam and city leaders say confidence in the city is building.

Behind the progress is a little known board which is lending a helping hand to those wanting to open up shop in the city.

Once an area with condemnation posters on many of the buildings, Sheffield now has a bustling downtown. Scaffolding and construction cones now dot the landscape, even more proof of what luring private developers into a downtown can do.

“I appreciate all the people who have had the confidence to come in here and do what has been done, and it has given other people confidence,” explained Sheffield Mayor Ian Sanford. “If they’re doing it, why can’t we?”

Behind much of the construction frenzy is the Sheffield Redevelopment Authority.

A group which went dormant for many years, Mayor Sanford said they redeveloped themselves. He said the group of citizens helps potential tenants and building owners defray some of their startup costs.

“It’s to show we care,” stated Sanford. “Basically, it’s to say we don’t have a lot of money, we have a little and we want to help you a little bit.”

And Mayor Sanford said with grants which have been used to redo intersections and sidewalks, the growth downtown is attracting businesses to other parts of the city.

Because of all the growth in Sheffield, Sanford said the redevelopment authority is looking for new members for their nine-person board.

If you’re interested in serving, you can contact the Sheffield City Hall.