Buckhorn High’s globally-ranked archery team shares sport with public

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT)  - Something you may not see everyday -- a rack of bows and teenage teachers outside Cabela's.

"[We're] letting the kids we teach at Buckhorn teach some of the local kids that don't get a chance to shoot, introduce them to the sport of archery," said coach Chris Coultas.

The teen instructors weren't just any high schoolers.

"We have won third place in World Archery in Nashville, Tennessee," explained Buckhorn Archery team member Catherine LaFerrara.

The team brought home the bronze in July.

Both Saturday and Sunday team members loaned their bows to willing parents and kids.


"Football is a 'normal sport,'" said team member Alex Coons. "But you hear about archery and people are like 'whats that?' and you get to explain it to them and they get the wow factor."