Alabama has an unsung hero to thank for their win over Georgia

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - What separates the Southeastern Conference football fan from other fans? I've always said it was this: SEC fans are sophisticated enough and smart enough, they bypass the head coach and directly boo the coordinators. They know who the guilty parties really are.

Now it's time to cheer a coordinator.

Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin

Guy named Lane Kiffin.

Yep, you weren't even sure he should have been hired at Alabama.  He carried more baggage than the Brady Bunch on vacation. No coach his age has had so many different fan bases ready and willing to help load the moving van.

Kiffin has driven you nuts since he's been at Tuscaloosa. No question, there have been some screwy calls and dubious strategy. Sometimes you wonder if he's drawing up X's and O's in the dirt. There are times Nick Saban looks at him like he's from another planet - or he wishes he was on another planet.

What Kiffin drew up Saturday in Alabama's romp over Georgia was magnificent. What he's done during the week, making Jake Coker a quarterback to win with, has been underappreciated. After the game, Nick Saban said of his team, 'We needed them to be extraordinary, and that they were.'

That Kiffin was.

Now Alabama is back in the national championship mix. A repeat of 2014, to rebound from an early loss to Ole Miss, is possible. And Kiffin deserves more than a little credit.

When Ole Miss got hammered by Florida on Saturday, it opened the door wide for Alabama in the SECWest. Florida's coach? Jim McElwain. He's Alabama's former offensive coordinator. So I guess it's a toss up today which man to serve as Alabama offensive coordinator is getting the biggest cheers from the Tide fans.

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