UPDATE: Law enforcement ends standoff man peacefully

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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. – A man is facing a reckless endangerment charge after a standoff with law enforcement.

“I got up and I saw the cops outside,” said neighbor Gary Bates, “I knew something was going on, heard a lot of gunshots going off.”

By nine o’clock multiple law enforcement agencies including the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office, Geraldine Police, and Fort Payne Police were stationed on the road outside Bates’ home. Officials were focused on a home down the road.

DeKalb County Chief Deputy Michael Edmondson says they got a call around four o’clock Friday morning about shots being fired and bullets hitting a home on County Road 550.

When officials got to the area it was dark, and more shots were being fired from a nearby home. “He continued to fire probably an hour. It was dark, so we didn’t know where he was at,” Edmondson says.

Officials got the homeowners to safety and took cover themselves.

Multiple agencies worked to get the man, identified as Gregory Bagwell, out of the home peacefully.

Eventually gas was shot into the home.

Authorities said about 10:30 a.m. Bagwell was in custody.

Gregory Mark Bagwell (Courtesy: DeKalb County Sheriff's Office)

Gregory Mark Bagwell (Courtesy: DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office)

DeKalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris said in a statement: “This was a dangerous situation and thanks to the deputies, SRT Team, Fort Payne Police Department, State Fire Marshal, Geraldine Police Department, Fyffe Police Department, DeKalb County Drug Task Force, DeKalb Ambulance Service, Grove Oak Fire Department and Air Evac we were able to get Bagwell in custody without incident. This is another example of how agencies working together can make a difference in the safety in DeKalb County.”

Officials say Bagwell posted anti law enforcement messages on social media in the past, and say he had been arrested before.

Edmondson says just this week they got a call about him shooting, and says he even shoots inside his home.

“We’ve been scared a lot of times because of the gunshots and it happens all the time,” Bates says.

Law enforcement officers say Bagwell may face other charges.