Still Fighting: Homeowner returns to court in contractor case that dates back to January

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -   Back in January we told you the story of Connie Ibarra.

She hired a contractor to do work for her.

It turns out he was unlicensed, and he did tens of thousands of dollars of damage to her home.

After our story, a group of licensed contractors got together and fixed Connie's home for free. But six months later, Connie is still fighting the court battle with the initial contractor, Joshua Harris.

She spent another afternoon in court Monday. Joshua Harris did too. Ibarra has to come back again if she wants to see her case against Harris all the way through.

She'll need to spend another afternoon in municipal court, this time in October, pursing home repair fraud charges. Even with all the complications and commitments though, Ibarra tells us, "I feel a little bit better."

She says the prosecutor pulled her aside in the courtroom and put it as plainly as he could, "He did tell me, you just have to be patient. It's a painstaking process."

It is probably painstaking for Joshua Harris too. As  he left municipal court, the police were waiting for him to arrest him.

Jail records show it's for theft -- larceny.

Huntsville Police couldn't tell us the details of that case today.

We asked Harris's attorney as he left the building. He just told us, "This is a joke."

But it's not a joke for Connie.

She says, "The more we talk about this and the more we do, hopefully, it will deter a lot of these people who are not on the up and up. They better think twice."