Live Blog: SEC Media Days 2015 Day 4 – Georgia, Ole Miss, & LSU

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HOOVER, Ala. – The final day of SEC Media Days 2015 is here and WHNT News 19 is your inside source for the first look at the 2015 football season.

We’re in Hoover all four days bringing you the inside scoop on your favorite teams, coaches, and players.

Today, the coaches and players from Georgia, Ole Miss, and LSU are up (in that order.)

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Drew Galloway July 16, 201511:23 am

Only five times since 1992 has the SEC Media Days predicted champion proceeded to win the SEC Championship, including Alabama last season.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201511:21 am

Yes, that’s right. Alabama predicted to win the West, Georgia predicted to win the East, and Auburn predicted to win the SEC Championship.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201511:19 am

WESTERN DIVISION (1st Place votes
in parenthesis)




Alabama (92)


Auburn (108)


LSU (10)


Arkansas (6)


Ole Miss (3)


Texas A&M (4)


Mississippi State (2)





EASTERN DIVISION (1st Place votes
in parenthesis)




Georgia (166)


Tennessee (36)


Missouri (20)


South Carolina (1)


Florida (1)


Kentucky (1)



















Ole Miss




Texas A&M




Mississippi State




Drew Galloway July 16, 201511:17 am

Drew Galloway July 16, 201511:09 am

Coach Freeze has left the main media area.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201511:07 am

When asked again about the Confederate flag, Freeze said he’s not a political figure and he doesn’t want to be, but in the world he lives in, if something is creating ill will, it’s something he doesn’t want to be a part of.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201511:06 am

On cost of attendance, Freeze says he has brought in a financial manager from a local bank to help the players budget and be responsible with the money they are given. He says it’s a good thing for the players, but could become a bad thing if mismanaged.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201511:04 am

Freeze says he’s a big picture kind of guy, so the season ending loss last year to TCU “was just a game.”

Drew Galloway July 16, 201511:02 am

Freeze says it’s difficult to keep athletes “focused on the task at hand.” He says he hopes that other professions would keep a respectful distance while they are competing, but that doesn’t always happen.

He says there’s very little to report on the Laremy Tunsil situation. He says they will fully comply with the investigation and they look forward to a resolution to the situation.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201510:57 am

On quarterbacks, Freeze says all three candidates have earned the right to compete and he doesn’t want to name one right now in order to give them the opportunity to prove themselves.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201510:56 am

On Treadwell’s injury, Freeze says all signs point to him being fully recovered. He says Treadwell’s injury put his team under adversity, but they weren’t able to rebound from it.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201510:52 am

On the Confederate flag and the Rebel mascot, Freeze said the school has already distanced itself from the flag and has decided its stance on it.

He said the flag has been hijacked by groups that mean ill will toward other people and it’s time to move away from it in the state flag.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201510:51 am

On home field advantage in the Egg Bowl, he says it has felt advantageous, but he doesn’t know if three years is enough time to make that determination. He says both stadiums are hard to play for the other team.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201510:50 am

Freeze said he’s a simple man and isn’t throwing his hat in the “shoe war” ring.

He said he doesn’t think you can define success for his time at Ole Miss right now. He says maybe 20 years from now, you can define success for him by looking at where his players are at that time.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201510:47 am

Freeze said he’s embracing the expectations for year four. He says any team in the conference can beat you.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201510:46 am

Freeze said he has been convicted about preparing their players for what’s coming next, something that has been lacking across the board.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201510:45 am

Freeze said the motto for the summer is “Chasing Greatness.” He said not many young men know what that means these days.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201510:42 am

Freeze said he just had a conversation with coach Miles in the hallway. He says they talked about being thankful for the support of their families.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201510:40 am

Correction: Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze has just taken the stage.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201510:35 am

Coach Miles has left the stage. Up next are the student athletes from LSU.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201510:34 am

Miles says he can’t speculate as to whether the defense will be better now that Chavis has left, but he knows that they have sent many defense players to the NFL Draft, so their talent pool is deep and wide. “We expect that talent to continue.”

Drew Galloway July 16, 201510:27 am

On John Chavis leaving for Texas A&M, Miles said he has great respect for him and he suspects that Chavis will coach great defense for them.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201510:26 am

On the status of LSU’s suspended players, Miles said he doesn’t have an answer. He says the legal process will take time, and when he gets information, he will make a decision. He added that he is optimistic that many of them will return.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201510:24 am

Miles said having a young quarterback and losing many juniors to the NFL Draft hurt his team last year.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201510:23 am

Miles says his team plays Mississippi State and Auburn in the first three games, so the will be starting fast.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201510:22 am

Miles is giving the media a rundown of his starters and returning players.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201510:14 am

Miles says last year he played 17 true freshmen. He says he expects to do that again this year.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201510:12 am

Miles says that eight wins is not enough. He says his team’s goal is the SEC Championship.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201510:10 am

Miles did, however, bring with him a pair of Magic Johnson Converses.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201510:08 am

Coach Les Miles has taken the stage.

He says he is wearing regular shoes and regular socks.

Drew Galloway July 16, 201510:07 am

The student athletes from Georgia have left the main media area.

Up next is LSU head coach Les Miles.

Drew Galloway July 16, 20159:55 am

Senior LB Jordan Jenkins says the sky is the limit for Georgia. He said the only caveat is whether or not the team can capitalize on that opportunity or not.

Drew Galloway July 16, 20159:34 am

Coach Richt has left the main media area. Up next are the student athletes from Georgia.

Drew Galloway July 16, 20159:32 am

On the transfer rule barring players with domestic violence convictions from transferring to an SEC school, Richt says if a guy makes a mistake, there’s no specific guidelines for each situation. He says sometimes there are things that are cut and dried, like drug policies, but there are other things left up to the coach to decide.

No further comment or explanation.

Drew Galloway July 16, 20159:28 am

Richt says the bottom line for Georgia is “to get to Atlanta and get it done.”

Drew Galloway July 16, 20159:25 am

Richt says criticism is just the nature of the business for people in leadership roles. He says his goal is do do what’s in the best interest of the people he’s in charge of. He doesn’t worry about criticism.

Drew Galloway July 16, 20159:23 am

Richt says they figured out quickly that Nick Chubb could contribute to the team as a freshman last year. He says Chubb stepped up and carried the position through the injuries of other players.

Drew Galloway July 16, 20159:21 am

Richt says offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, a former NFL offensive coordinator, is a great fit for the Georgia program and will keep both their running game and passing game strong.

Drew Galloway July 16, 20159:18 am

Richt says he’s seen John Theus take a big leadership role on the offense. Richt says the defensive is a little young, but there are some leaders emerging now.

Drew Galloway July 16, 20159:17 am

On specific cost of attendance offered by Georgia, Richt says it hasn’t come up as a big point of conversation with recruits. He says he knows Georgia can do as good as any other school in that respect, so it can only be a positive team.

Drew Galloway July 16, 20159:10 am

Richt says he has no idea right now who the starting quarterback will be. He says there are 29 practicing opportunities between now and the first game. He says it will be a process to determine who it will be.

Drew Galloway July 16, 20159:10 am

Georgia coach Mark Richt

Drew Galloway July 16, 20159:09 am

Richt says he is honored to have been in the SEC during Commissioner Slive’s time there and he’s excited to see what Commissioner Sankey does in the role.

Drew Galloway July 16, 20159:07 am

Georgia head coach Mark Richt has taken the stage.

Drew Galloway July 16, 20158:29 am

The final day of SEC Media Days 2015 will kick off at 9 a.m. with Georgia head coach Mark Richt. He’s joined by Malcom Mitchell, John Theus, and Jordan Jenkins.