Add Kiwi Vines to your landscape

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If you're looking for an interesting plant to grow around a gazebo or another yard structure, the Kiwi Vine may be what you want. The vine attracts some people's attention with its unusual looking leaf. It's rounded with a slight point on the end. The vine has beautiful white blossoms which will produce fruit in May, but then it has a long ripening season before it's ready to eat. If you want your Kiwi Vine to produce fruit, you'll need both a male and female variety. The male never has any fruit on it, but it blooms and pollinates the female.

The vine grows aggressively, so it's important to keep them pruned. Otherwise they tend to spread like wisteria does. With a bit of clipping here and there you can keep it shaped and contained to the area you want it. The Kiwi Vine has good looking foliage, which will fall off during the winter, and it has potential to grow lots of fruit. The vine at Bennett Nurseries grows about 200 kiwis every fall.