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State deploys body cameras to Troopers and Marine Police

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – With the unrest towards police officers still plaguing the country, agencies are arming themselves not with more guns, but cameras.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency is the latest department in the state to deploy these protection measures for State Troopers and Marine Police.

It’s a small piece of technology, but one no law enforcement officer wants to do without.

“With the way the world is now as far as law enforcement and things that have happened through-out the country, it’s a smart move. It’s a smart move for everyone,” stated Senior Trooper Johnathan Appling. “It’s a smart move for the public and the agency, because a body cam will help document anything a trooper does.”

500 uniformed officers within ALEA will have the new cameras on their person by July 1.

Trooper Appling said the cameras hold everyone accountable for their actions.

Whether it’s a complaint on how a State Trooper treated someone, or a use of force investigation, everything is on file.

“You have video documentation of exactly what happened and exactly what the trooper did, exactly what the suspect did, and it better documents how things were handled and whether or not it was handled appropriately,” Appling explained.

Trooper Appling said he feels much safer on the roads knowing there’s a lens watching his every move.

The body cameras being deployed to State Troopers and Marine Police have four hours of record time and can be used as traditional cameras for investigative purposes.

Each officer will be required to turn the cameras on before every contact made with the public.