– VIDEO: Semi-truck plows into two squad cars on snowy highway

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A police officer and state trooper in Minnesota were hit by a semi-truck while helping at another accident.

The officers were responding to another semi that had jackknifed on the snowy stretch of highway.

They were in their patrol cars, when a truck lost control and slammed into them.

One of the officers went to the hospital, but both are expected to be okay.

Officers have responded to hundreds of wrecks over the past few days.

Although the winter storm is beginning to wind down, it left several inches of snow across many states.

While we won't see any snow or ice in the Tennessee Valley from this system, we will see a prolonged stretch of very cold weather.

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In fact, the overall weather pattern for the rest of November favors cooler-than-average weather, and we likely will see successive shots of cold air.