UNA reminds students of alcohol policy and consequences

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - University of North Alabama officials are reminding students of the alcohol policy in place in the university code of conduct.

This comes after a recent arrest of three current UNA football players for minor in possession of alcohol. Police arrested Luke Wingo, Wilson Lovelace, and Griffin McCarley at a house party in Florence over the weekend.

Wingo is the Lions' starting quarterback.

University officials said they will not suspend the players, but deal with the incident internally. All will be held to the university code of conduct.

David Shields is the Vice President of Student Affairs at UNA. He said they offer programs and information year-round on their alcohol policy.

"Students are going to make mistakes," he said. "We're all going to make mistakes. But, what we try to do is help students not make more mistakes."

Shields said the policy is in place to help students stay on track and make healthy, beneficial decisions. Programs are in place to educate incoming students even before the enroll in classes.

"We have a pre-admission online education program that all new students are required to take before they come to the university."

Even further, starting next school year, all incoming freshmen will take a required experience class. Curriculum will cover the school's alcohol policy and procedures.

If a student seems to have violated that policy, they will meet with a code of conduct director. If an action was enough to violate policy, they will have a hearing to determine sanctions.

"We want to help students make good decisions, one's that will keep them on track to reach their goals of a college education," said  Shields. "To keep them out of trouble, all things that we need to do to help make them successful students."

When it comes to Greek life and athletics, there could be more than just university sanctions. National chapters and coaches might have their own behavior standards students must uphold.

"What the Athletic Department will do with the athletes is up to them as far as how they function on the team," Shields said. "But they violated our code of conduct, so they will go through our code of conduct system too."

If you want to review the UNA code of conduct, click here.