Second Patriot Mosaic unveiled in Huntsville, project needs your support

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - For the second year in a row, a large crowd gathered as community leaders introduce the Patriot Mosaic - a tribue to those who served.

The countdown begins, and when it ends,an event becomes a tradition.

People know last year's mosaic well by now, and still, this year's stuns.

EarlyWorks Executive Director Bart Williams thinks, "It's just as incredible as the first time."

People eagerly search and point to the faces they know.  Some remember this process. About 500 people make their second appearance on the wall.

But for another 800, this is the first time.

Paul Wright Sr. put a picture of his son among the men and women of the mosaic, and he tells us,"We purchased one of these. I bought a picture of him, when he was in the Seabees back through 1990-96."

He joins a proud crew - their service like the mosaic itself.  Individually, each photo tells a tale.  But all together, they become something greater. Still, organizers need people to stay involved to fulfill their mission.

Williams outlines, "This is the second one of ten. So in ten years, we'll have a series of ten of these, and our hope is that they're placed all around town.  So we hope we find some partners that have a big space on a wall and want to put up them up.  So next year, we'll probably be looking for a place away from the depot for the first one."

Just so you know, while it's fresh on your mind, you can help keep the mosaic vibrant right now. Williams adds, "We're already starting to take pictures for the 2015 version."

You can find them online here